Thai Lottery Sure Win Running Pair Tips 01/12/22

Thai Lottery Sure Win Running Pair Tips 01/12/22 thai lottery winning some method for the lottery number 3up game you all know thai lottery direct win number is 1000 for the chart but draw only one number if you have a good total of 3-4-5 anyone you can cut the half number easily 500 gone you have just 500 number then you use another formula

If you have only two digits must win touch then also cut the other half number for the chart you have left just 250 or fewer numbers in the direct winning chart if win rumble just chart have 220 number double and single you just use the total cut 50% number and use two digit best touch cut another 30% number just you have lest 20% number then you use some 3-4-5 number touch you see after that your chart left only 2 to 5 number

And you have this type of pair very easy-to-find number 6 pair you have just 56 numbers in your chart double or single but need a winning pair this paired paper win some previous draw then I show to you please you can play when you feel this pair possible to come the next draw result number 01.12.22 draw 3up game number